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Tom "Mongoo$e" McEwen Video Scrapbook DVD

Tom "Mongoo$e" McEwen Video Scrapbook DVD

The Mongoo$e Video Scrapbook is a 60 min. compilation of all the Mongoose footage the Jackson Bros have collected from theirs and their contributor's film files dating from the early 60's to 1980. Includes color footage with a mild jazz rock background. Our Video Scrapbook series does not contain narration. Cars include the Hot Wheels Dragster and Funny Cars, Sugar Free Funny Car and let's not forget the Coors and English Leather Corvettes. Other cars include Adams & McEwen, Albertson Olds, Activity Booster, and Mobile 1 Dragsters. The Mongoose's '57 Chevy Funny Car and Hot Rod Reunion honors are also included. Our Video Scrapbook series contain many rare and "never before seen" clips. Besides Tom the "Mongoose" McEwen, other great legends of the sport will occasionally appear.

(60 Minutes)

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