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Ford 427 SOHC Engine

Ford 427 SOHC Engine
1:6 scale die-cast model. This engine was developed by Ford Motor Company in 1964 to recapture NASCAR dominance from the Chrysler Hemi engine.  This 1:6 scale die-cast model of the 1963 Corvette 327ci L84 Engine looks so real, you'd expect it to need oil. Moving parts include fan, belts, alternator and the flywheel.
The Ford 427 SOHC engines were essentially hand-built, with racing in mind. Combustion chambers were fully machined to reduce variability. Nevertheless, Ford recommended blueprinting the engines before use in racing applications. They were rated at 615 hp (458 kW) at 7,000 rpm with a single four-barrel carburetor, and 657 hp (490 kW) at 7,500 rpm with dual four barrel carburetors. Ford sold them via the parts counter, the single four-barrel model as part C6AE-6007-363S, the dual carburetor model as part C6AE-6007-359J for $2350.00 (as of October, 1968). Weight of the engine was 680 lb (308 kg).
Ford's plan was cut short, however; although Ford sold enough to have the design homologated, NASCAR effectively legislated the SOHC engine out of competition through rule changes, and the awaited 1965 Ford SOHC vs. Chrysler Hemi competition at the Daytona 500 season opener never occurred. The engine found its niche in drag racing, however, powering many A/FX Factory Experimental Mustangs, and becoming the basis for a few supercharged Top Fuel dragsters.
Perfect for your desk, nice enough for your mantle.
- Starter Motor Gear drives the Flywheel Gear, which turns the Fan, the Pulleys, Belts and Alternator.
- Air cleaner is removable to reveal extraordinarily detailed Carburetors.
- Plated Valve Covers.
- Plated Air Cleaner.
- Plated Exhaust Headers.
- Full Ignition Wiring.
- Complete fuel system including: Fuel Log, Lines, Filter and Pump.
- Authenticity confirmed by Ford Engineers who designed the original 427 Engine.
6.5"L X 5.5"H X 5"W
Weight 3 Pounds
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Weight 1.00 lb
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