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Fire Ball - Rear Window Graphic

Fire Ball - Rear Window Graphic
Rear Window Graphic - see-through decal.
See-through window graphics are printed on mechanically perforated vinyl. This vinyl has a sticky adhesive on one side, protected by a peel away "release layer." This perforated material, is known as "window perf." The beauty of "window perf" is that it is incredibly low tech, comprised of 50% vinyl and 50% holes.
When someone looks at the image on your window, their eyes absorb the light being reflected off of the printed image. The holes cannot be seen. The graphic looks like a solid image! The "sticky side" of the graphic which faces the glass, is black. Looking out from inside the vehicle, your eyes absorb light reflected off objects outside the vehicle, such as buildings, cars, trees, etc.
Your eyes blend the black material on the inside with the images seen through the holes, creating the illusion that there is nothing on your window. The resulting effect will amaze you!
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