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Nor-Cal Fuelers 1960's

Nor-Cal Fuelers 1960's
By request of Todd Blake, the Jackson Bros. put together 59 minutes of 1960's Top Fuel action to include music background. Most clips are from Fremont Raceway. Besides a heavy dose of John Batto, Ted Gotelli, Masters & Richter, other racers include: Rich Zoucha, Frank Martinez, Chuck Flores, Gary Ormsby, Hoger Hardcastle, Jim Davis, Jerry Vargas, Jimmy Hair, Don Garlits, Jerry Ruth, Wulf & Mayer, Frank Bradley, Denny Forsberg, "Jet Car" Bob Smith, Tom Hoover, Bill Dunlap, Dan Madigan, Birky & Neal, Whiz Kids, Joe Winters, Rich Bruckman, Sammy Hale, Gary Ritter, Connie Kallita, Logge-Steffy, Ed Pink, Winkle & Trapp, Don Cook, Roger Harrington, Dwight Bale, George Santos, Run Nunes, Winther & Dunn, Frank Pitts, Galli Bros, Star-Cox-Hutchinson, Art Malone, Frank Cannon, Leroy Jorgensen, Dennis Baca, Gerry Steiner, Dennis Hollingsworth, Rudy Babino, Kenny Safford, John Halstead, Joe Davis, Jerry Card, Hodges & Olson, Carl Olson, Jesse Perkins, Berry Bros & Hughes, Jerry Baltes, Ken Sylvestri, Fred Cerruti, Rich Guasco, Dale Emory, & many more!!!
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