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Mad Fabricators Volume 1 (2 DVD set)

Mad Fabricators Volume 1 (2 DVD set)
Mad Fabricators Society is an honest tribute to the hard-working, everyday "Joe's" who get in the garage and bleed for their machine. Each Mad Fabricators Society DVD offers a multi-dimensional, explosive way to capture the daring, bare concepts of Hot Rodders. Each DVD offers history, raucous music, beauty, artists and craftsmen, and of course girls - these are all vital parts of Hot Rodding.
This DVD contains rare and exclusive interviews with larger that life personalities and original thinkers who were and still are way ahead of their time. Watch George Barris and everyday Fabricators who have taken a remarkable piece of history and molded it to their own personal vision, a stream-lined, speeding calling-card that expresses themselves far better than any word.
120 minutes
BONUS FEATURES: Music Videos, Commercials, Outtakes, Song List, Web Sites.
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