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How To Install and Tune Nitrous Oxide Systems

How To Install and Tune Nitrous Oxide Systems

The use of nitrous oxide as a chemical supercharger has been extremely popular since the 80s, and technology advancements have been making it easier and safer to work with it ever since. Author Bob McClurg reviews the latest and greatest advancements in engineering and readily available equipment for adding liquid power to any engine.


He discusses the often-mystical subject of nitrous oxide injection systems with a level head and a clear purpose. This book educates on the properties of nitrous oxide and most-effective way to design, install, and tune complete systems. A definite focus on safety and a need to answer the typical questions associated with the use of nitrous oxide is highlighted, and several complete installations are featured.

McClurg's vast experience brings authority to the pages, and he worked extensively with many of the pioneers of nitrous oxide injection systems to deliver a comprehensive review of what it takes to choose, install, and tune a system for the best-possible performance.

8.5 X 11
144 pages
full color photos

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