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David Vizard's How to Build Horsepower

David Vizard's How to Build Horsepower
by David Vizard

Extracting maximum torque and horsepower from engines is an art as well as a science. David Vizard is an engineer and more aptly an engine-building artist who guides the reader through all the aspects of power production and high-performance engine building. His proven high-performance engine building methods and techniques are revealed in this all-new edition of How to Build Horsepower . Vizard goes into extreme depth and detail for drawing maximum performance from any automotive engine. The production of power is covered from the air entering the intake all the way to spent gasses leaving through the exhaust. The book explains how to optimize all the components in between, such as selecting heads for maximum flow or port heads for superior power output, ideal valvetrain components, realizing the ideal rocker arm ratios for a particular application, secrets for selecting the best cam, and giving unique insight into all facets of cam performance. In addition, he covers how to select and set up superchargers, nitrous oxide, ignition, and other vital aspects of high-performance engine building.  


This all-new edition of Vizard's top-selling How to Build Horsepower explains the latest and most effective engine building techniques and strategies. The reader is treated to the secrets and methods for building virtually any automotive engine. Vizard's unique and entertaining style of writing clearly explains the key principles and provides extreme detail and uncommon insight, so the at-home engine builder can realize his or her performance goals.  


8.5 x 11"
144 pages
350 color photos
ISBN 13: 9781934709177 

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